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Fence posts, pressure treated timber

4"x4" (90x90mm) x 7' long (2.1m)

Fence posts, pressure treated timber

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£13.00 each

Pressure treated timber fence posts are available in a range of lengths to suit your needs. The wood is smooth planed throughout with rounded edges, partly to ensure extra durability but also to provide a more refined appearance than standard sawn posts. The posts can be set in the ground, normally in concrete, or you can use galvanized steel post supports. If you plan to set your posts in the ground we recommend posts 2' or 24" longer (600mm) than the fence height e.g. 6' high panels require 8' long posts. If you plan to use steel post supports the posts should be at least a few inches longer than the fence height so 7' long posts are often used with 6' high panels.

We recommend 4"x4" posts at any exposed site, especially for 5' or 6' high panels. It is also worth considering 4"x4" posts if you are paying for professional installation. The cost of installing fence panels with 3"x3" or 4"x4" posts is exactly the same but the fence with thicker posts should last longer.

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