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Heavy Duty Garden Edging 480 - Contemporary, Rigid, 60mm High

Heavy Duty Garden Edging 480 - Contemporary, Rigid, 60mm High
Picture 1 shows straight edging with the rear brace intact. Picture 2 shows curved edging with the rear brace cut. Pictures 1 and 2 are viewed from behind before backfilling. Picture 3 shows different views of several pieces. Picture 4 shows a close up view of the join between two pieces. Picture 5 shows the rear brace being cut to form a curve. Picture 6 shows a single piece formed into a circle.


This heavy duty edging is suitable for driveways and areas with sharp aggregates or compacted hardcore, in addition to softer applications such as lawn and border edging. The rigid structure makes this edging ideal for straight lines although curves and circles are also possible. It is maintenance free, 100% recycled and available in many sizes from 5 linear metres to over 100 metres. The minimum order is 5 linear metres and you can add as many extra metres as you need to avoid waste. The sleek modern lines neatly separate different landscaping surfaces such as different coloured stone and aggregates but also makes a strong and effective lawn edging which can withstand heavy mowers. The plain black face is 60mm high and 5mm thick with strong supporting buttresses at 100mm (4") centres. A strong rear brace keeps the edging straight and completely rigid or it can be cut to form circles and arcs. Each piece covers 1000mm (3'3") with 5 larger fixing holes to suit our heavy duty plastic pins and 6 smaller holes to suit our galvanized steel pegs.

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  • Virtually maintenance free
  • 100% recycled, polypropylene/polyethylene mix, free from heavy metals
  • Suitable for heavy duty use in driveways and patios with sharp aggregates and compacted hardcore
  • Suitable for intricate patterns with aggregates, stone and other landscaping materials
  • Also suitable for softer uses such as lawn, path or border edging
  • Ideal for rigid straight lines due to the strong reinforcing
  • Black face 60mm high and 5mm thick
  • Contemporary design, plain and featureless when viewed from the side, ultra slim when viewed from above
  • Strong supporting buttresses at 100mm (4") centres, 15mm wide with 5mm thick walls and integral fixing points
  • Rear brace 10mm wide and 5mm thick, keeps the edging straight and completely rigid
  • Rear brace can be cut to form circles and arcs
  • A small notch in the rear brace is thinner and therefore easier to cut when forming circles and arcs
  • Concealed fixing system, looks like a continuous border
  • Tight fitting tongued and grooved joins to each side
  • Each piece includes a tongue on the left side and a groove on the right side, when viewed from the front
  • The joins cannot easily be pulled apart horizontally although each piece can be moved up or down easily until pegged down
  • Overall height 60mm
  • Overall width 80mm
  • Overall length 1010mm (3'3") including the tongue
  • Coverage per piece 1000mm (3'3") excluding the tongue
  • Recommended minimum diameter for circles and arcs is 318mm (1'1"), which is the minimum diameter when one piece is formed into a circle
  • Requires fixing in position with ground anchor pins
  • 5 large fixing holes per piece, 16mm diameter, suitable for large plastic pins
  • 6 smaller fixing holes per piece, 8mm diameter, suitable for smaller galvanized steel pegs
  • 3 fixing pegs required per piece, if laid in a straight line
  • 4 or 5 fixing pegs required per piece, if laid in an arc or circle
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